A Word About Author Resources

Motivity is one of our core values and it is shared by another company named Motivity AssociatesMotivity is the ability to transform motivation into the energy of meaningful action.  It is said that everyone has at least one book in them.  If that is true (and we think it is), why is it that so many people fail to write that priceless literary work?

Writing and publishing a book takes considerable skill and tenacity.  Only about two percent of the population will ever attempt to write that book.  Of those, only about 1/10th of one percent (of that two percent) succeed in getting it published!

In between the concept and completion, there are many long and sometimes grueling hours of effort.  Writing is not for the timid of heart!  This is so even for the most accomplished authors.

As a micro-imprint, Living Oracles can only accept finished manuscripts that are ready for publication.  Yet we know that many authors come to us seeking more help.  They simply do not have the requisite experience to navigate the publishing jungle on their own and need more help.  Regrettably, they do not know where to turn, or who they can trust, to obtain that help.  While we might love to help them, we don’t have the facility to do so.

That is why we are pleased to allow this link between our site and that of Motivity Associates, an independent organization of very talented professionals.  The group has every kind of professional consultant, mentor, and editor you will ever need to author your book.  A writer need no longer feel alone with the task of figuring out all about the writing and publishing mosaic on their own.

They have publication consultants (for those who know nothing), conceptual editors and “book doctors” (for those who have a manuscript that needs major organizational work), character development mentors (assistance to build the psychology of credible characters), copy editors, proofreaders, graphic artists, creative artists, web designers, marketing experts, etc., all at reasonable costs to you.

At Motivity Associates, they know the step-by-step path forward.  They are willing to assist you with the journey.  We gladly refer you to them if you feel you need further assistance with your book.

[Link to Motivity Assoc. webpage]